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Strengthen your image with this amazing tool for modern media communication.
Well-established tool for the structured providing of individual media contents to partners and media outlets with regard to the ever changing market situation in the modern world.

Goal-directed management

You take over control and determine, when and where your message gets placed in the world of media. Don't leave this crucial decision to others.

Uniform perception

You decide about the contents of the information provided by the Pressroom. The distribution of select images and standardized statements is programmed.

Effective communication

Serving as the center of communication the Pressroom simplifies the exchange of information with the media and your partners. Managing inquiries and requests gets real easy.

How the Pressroom works
in your organization

Powerful arguments
for the Pressroom

  • Control mechanism for specific media information
  • Tool for opinion making and image transfer
  • Standardized language in the international news coverage
  • Manage photo-rights and licensing
  • Guaranteed use of up to date contents
  • Communication level at the top internationally
  • Regulate access for photographers and media at the venue
  • Expertise of the cd mediateam Est. as back-up
  • and much more

Take a quick look inside
the Pressroom features

Everything at a glance

The individual subjects are assignable via tag-system, and thus can easily be retrieved by particular topics.

By means of references the user gets directed to the right spot. That way it is ensured that with each access the relevant contents are clearly evident. The contrasting colors of the different sections enable an easy orientation.

Text, picture, audio, video

Regardless of the character of the media all contents are gathered and provided for in one central place.

All text-, photo-, audio and video-contents are available for download in one location, or can be delivered by automated email.

Premium-contents allow to control your information, by individually determining your group of users.

Easy handling

Interview-requests and other inquiries get collected in the Pressroom, and that way are easy do deal with.

The existing status of your communication with media representatives and partners gets individually customized and incorporated into the Pressroom.

Immediate communication

For spreading news quickly the Pressroom is using social networking service Twitter.

Via push notifications the subscribers of the specific channel get automatically notified on their smartphones, and thus can decide about further use of the information in real-time.

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The cd mediateam Est. serves as a communications liaison between sports teams and media representatives.

Sports remains the top seller of the media, and is highly attractive to the public. We work as a provider of topics in sports. According to the one-stop-shop method we provide journalistically edited and readily utilizable contents either exclusively, or in the pool accessible to all media. Now our know-how is also on sale as a software as service solution - the Pressroom.